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What is the Yuni Garden?

Here at Yuni Garden, we aim to show all our visitors a wonderful time. There is a lineup of spring flowers which bloom with the opening of the gardens, including Glory of the Snow, Daffodils, Cherry Blossoms, Muscari, Flowering Peach Trees, Crab Apples and Field Mustard. From late June, 1,020,000 purple, white and pink Linaria bring color to the gardens. Then in late July, the beauty of 50,000 Lilies and Hydrangea compete for your attention, and from September onwards 50,000 Cosmos bloom to create a sprawling scenery which can be experienced nowhere else but the Yuni Gardens. Our vibrant centerpiece changes every week, so there will be something new to gaze at every time you visit. Be sure to experience the wonder of all our enchanting seasonal flowers.

Operating Period / Open Times
Operating Period / Open Times
Operating period for 2019: April 20st (Saturday) to October 20st (Sunday)
Open hours Weekdays 10AM to 5PM
Weekends and Holidays 9AM to 5PM

*Garden admissions end 30 minutes prior to closing.
*No pets allowed in the gardens. No smoking permitted in the buildings. No outside food permitted in the dining areas.

What is the Yuni Garden?
Service Overview
Restaurant "Chives" Weekdays 11AM to 2:30PM (Last order: 2PM)
Weekends and Holidays 11AM to 3:30PM (Last order: 3PM)
Cafeteria "Basil" Drinks 10AM to 5PM (Last order: 4:30PM)
Food 11AM to 5PM (Last order: 4PM)
Fragrance shop 10AM to 5PM
Farmer's market 10AM to 5PM
Garden Admission Fee
Garden Admission Fee
[Summer to Autumn]
May to
350 Yen 650 Yen 350 Yen
Senior Citizen 250 Yen 450 Yen 250 Yen
Elementary school
Free Free Free
Babies & Toddlers Free Free Free
  • Around 50 minutes by car from Sapporo

    Japan National Route 36
    → Japan National Route 274 or Hokkaido Sapporo Yuubarisen / around 40km

  • Around 35 minutes by car from the New Chitose Airport

    National Route 337
    →Japan National Route 274 →Japan National Route 234 / Around 30km